The vector graphic toolbox

All important print, plot and data formats as well as all important functions under a single application. Analyse, compare, edit and refine in the professional viewer. Convert from different source formats to several target formats. PVG.lib is the software solution for professionals that optimally supports the workflow.

PVG.lib is a comprehensive library for displaying, printing and exporting vector files. It has been developed for professional use and together with special additional modules; it supports many different formats and functions for a large range of applications such as print, plot, CAD, DTP, exchange and archiving, etc.

An overview of the formats:

Print formats

  • PDF (1.3, 1.4, 1.5, x)
  • PS (Postscript, Level)
  • EPS

Plot formats

  • HP-GL/2
  • HP-RTL
  • Autodesk DWF (2D)

Further information: PVG.lib

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The viewer for PDF, PostScript, HP-GL/2 and DWF documents. For displaying, printing, measuring, converting, etc.



The application program with graphic user interface converts between all supported formats.



Control of the converter via command line. For use on the server or for local usage.



Graphic file comparison in PVG.view is available.

PVG.view Standard now features a graphic file comparison.

The new viewer PVG.view Advanced is available

PVG.view is now available in two versions, PVG.view Standard for the end user and PVG.view Advanced for professional users.

PVG.conv is incorporated into the workflow of Océ

Océ is one of the leading global providers of products and services in the print and digital document processing sector.

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