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Graphic file comparison in PVG.view is available.

PVG.view Standard now features a graphic file comparison.

Two versions of a file can be opened simultaneously and two additional windows showing the differences open: one window with elements, which have been added, and one window with elements that have been removed.

The new viewer PVG.view Advanced is available

PVG.view is now available in two versions, PVG.view Standard for the end user and PVG.view Advanced for professional users.

With the new Advanced version of the viewer, the multi-document viewer PVG.view is provided with further functions that makes it even better suited for professional use. This is no surprise, because the suggestions and impulses for further expansion of the software originate from professional users. The following new functions are featured with PVG.view Advanced:

  • Write PDF
  • Write PDF/A
  • Reading of all files with PVG.lib formats (also page by page). For example: raster, plot and postscript files can be compiled to PDF files.

Thus the Precision Vector Graphics Library becomes a software solution for sectors, in which professional processing of print and plot files play an important role. This does not just affect the quality of the image processing, but also the workflow and the integration into an optimised production process.

PVG.conv is incorporated into the workflow of Océ

Océ is one of the leading global providers of products and services in the print and digital document processing sector.

It is not surprising that a company with such a comprehensive range of services operates on a highly professional basis, and for this reason it is much more gratifying that Océ Germany uses the PVG.conv, the command line converter from softtools, as an integral part in the work process. For us, a further reason to adapt PVG.lib and its modules even more to the demands of professional users in the future. The helpful and valuable suggestions from the co-operation with a partner such as Océ play an important role, as the daily use in a highly professional environment allows for more purposeful further development of the vector graphic library with all its functions and modules