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PVG.lib can now generate PDF files

Although PVG.lib was originally conceived for the processing of plot files and vector formats, a significant new feature allowing the creation of PDF files has been added.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is now very prevalent and is used more and more frequently as the universal format for documents that contain text, images and in particular, vector or pixel graphics. Accordingly, PVG.lib makes a considerable move toward the main focus of image processing and is no longer just a “specialized tool” but rather a universal tool with some very special capabilities. Consequently, target groups who frequently use the PDF format in conjunction with plot and print processing come into consideration for PVG.lib in the future.

New PVG.lib product release

The Precision Vector Graphics Software toolbox is essentially based on the library for professional representation and processing of vector graphics. A toolbox, whose modules build perfectly upon the library and that are optimally matched to the respective area of application, is now available for various fields of use and demands.

With these modules, the files can be displayed, output, edited or converted to different formats. Considerable time and money can be saved as the vector toolbox provides optimum results not just for professionals; rather it can also considerably improve the workflow when dealing with graphic files as the library is perfectly prepared for automated processing of files.

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