Free version of PVG.view (PVG.view Free) available

After the successful application of the vector graphic library PVG.lib and the Viewer PVG.view, the further development envisages a division of the software into different user groups.

PVG.view Advanced with its extended function palette and the option of integration into the professional production workflow is available for professional use. For end users, who do not place stringent demands on the viewer, there is now a free version of PVG.view Standard available. In contrast to PVG.view Advanced, the professional version, the users of PVG.view Standard must do without just a few functions. This includes writing of PDF/A files. In the free version, reading of CAD formats (HPGL, RTL and PCL) and Postscript formats is not included. PVG.view Free can still however read PDF, DWF and Raster formats. Applying this strategy, softtools provides an important precondition for the solution particularly for B2B partners, which extends right up to the end user. A free viewer or reader, which on the one hand is perfectly matched to the upstream graphic processing chain in the production process, and on the other hand can be used by the end user without any licensing problems.