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The software for image processing and its respective modules cover the entire range of demands with respect to modern digital graphic and document processing. This ranges from support in software development up to the free viewer module for end users.

PVG.lib – The vector library for software developers

The Precision Vector Graphics Library

The key element of the PVG.lib vector toolbox is the comprehensive library for software developers for displaying, printing and exporting vector files. It supports the print formats PDF, PS, EPS and the plot formats HP-GL/2 and HP-RTL. PVG.lib can be used on different operating systems under Windows. more

PVG.view – The viewer for end users

Compact, reliable

The end user application for displaying and printing PDF, PS, EPS, HP-GL/2, DWF-(2D) and raster images in the best possible quality. Very precise representation and extremely exact colour rendering is achieved using anti-aliasing. more

PVG.convert– The graphic converter for end users

Quick, flexible and no compromise in quality

PVG.convert converts files into the formats PDF, EPS, HP-GL/2, DWF-(2D) and raster files. Even though the actual conversion is completed at high speed, the quality of the result leaves nothing to be desired. All target formats can be converted to PDF, JPEG, PNG, PPM and RAW. more

PVG.conv – The command line converter

From professionals for professionals

Developers, who use PVG.lib, do not have to forego the command line when they are working. PVG.conv can be used both as a server application as well as locally. more

Our know-how for your project

Vector knowledge from professionals for professionals

The vector library PVG.lib is an open concept and as such can be adapted to suit customer requirements. If the professional processing of image data plays an important role during a project and you require a special solution, we are available to assist you with our know-how.