PVG.convert – The converter for digital graphic files

PVG.convert is a converter for different graphic formats. It converts, for example, PostScript, PCL, HP-GL/2, DWF files to vector-based PDFs or raster graphics. The converter features other additional utilities and functions. This starts when opening a file in the file browser with the preview thumbnail that simplifies quick retrieval of files. In the opened file, vector elements (provided that the output formats allow it), fonts and levels as well as meta data are largely retained. The conversion is implemented with the least amount of information loss. In addition to the conversion of individual documents, PVG.convert is conceived for the conversion of several conversion jobs in a single pass. The conversion can be optimised via a job list and multiple conversions in a workflow. Each job can be configured with separate parameters. The job list can be filled with files by Drag and Drop via the command line parameter or via the integrated file browser.

Source formats:

  • PDF
  • PostScript, EPS
  • DWF

Target formats:

  • PDF
  • Rastergrafiken: PNG, JPEG, TIFF u. a.

Functions (Excerpt):

  • File browser with document preview and thumbnails.
  • Assistant for standard tasks
  • Retention of vector elements
  • Logger or job list for batch processing
  • Generation of high-resolution raster outputs
  • Creation of multiple page documents

We offer the command line converter PVG.conv for use without graphic user interface or for automatic processing.

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