Available viewers

  • PVG.view Advanced – The professional viewer
  • PVG.view Standard – The viewer for end users
  • PVG.view Free – The free reader

PVG. view Advanced

All functions of the library are available without limitation in the professional versions. The highest precision, maximum functionality and a large range of formats that can be processed.

Functions (Excerpt)

  • Logger for all working stages (for recording and creation of workflows)
  • File browser (with thumbnail graphics and additional functions) for locating files
  • File comparison (vice versa comparison with a representation of the differences using four views where new information is shown in red)
  • Display of drawing elements (surfaces, fonts, images, polygons)
  • Access to images, lines, surfaces and functions (e.g. offset of elements)
  • PDF-A check and error report
  • Layer functions (PDF or DWF)
  • Measuring and analysis tools with magnification function (snap to end point, response to different element groups)
  • Selective display (e.g. of text, lines, surfaces)
  • PVG.view is scriptable, i.e. commands can be run on an automated basis
  • Saving in different qualities (raster formats, PDF, etc.), conversion of greyscales to solid (monochrome or vector view)
  • Import and integration of graphics into existing PDF
  • Mounting function for setting the paper format and print layout (preview with position display, overlap, etc.)

Professional viewer and image free software

PVG.view is a stand-alone program for the representation and printing of print and plot files.

In contrast to most programs generally used to read PDF files, PVG.view is designed for professionals, who use vector graphics, whether they be drawings, plots or used for data processing. As a multi-document interface, PVG.view is fully multi-threading capable. No additional conversion software is required. PVG.lib converts in excellent quality and the file sizes remain reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, the application does not just enable viewing or output of vector graphics but rather offers many further functions.

Handling of graphic data is thus very comfortable. Files are displayed in the preview and can be opened or added to other files by Drag and Drop. Different viewing functions are even still available in the application. A magnifying glass tool for a stepless zoom. Text can be marked within a document on a line or block basis. The settings that you select are stored in XML format. This saves precious time if you frequently use similar functions or settings. The application provides many useful analysis tools for measurement purposes.

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Print formats

  • Postscript
  • PCL
  • PDF (1.3, 1.4, 1.5, x)
  • PS (Postscript, Level)
  • EPS

Plot formats

  • HP-GL/2
  • HP-RTL
  • Autodesk DWF (2D)

PVG.view Standard

With the standard version PDF, PS and EPS formats can be represented and output. The Standard viewer in contrast to the Premium version, has a limited functional range, but still uses the same sophisticated technology as the professional version. Accordingly, the quality is also crystal-clear. Many features, such as stepless and almost infinite magnification are also available with the free standard version of the viewer.

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PVG.view Free

In accordance with the intended purposes for end users, the free version PVG.view Free can represent and output PDF, PS and EPS formats, but they cannot be generated. In contrast to the Premium version, the plot formats are not included in the range of functions. However, PVG.view Free is based on the same sophisticated technology as the professional version. Accordingly, the quality of the representation or output is crystal-clear. In terms of operation, features such as the stepless and almost infinite magnification are also available on board the free viewer.

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